Editorial publishing for Mystica Magazine

Editorial publishing for Mystica Magazine

Mystica Magazine Issue 5

The start of the new year 2015. My creation of Aztec Goddesses “Mictecacihuati ” – The Lady Of Death-and ” Coatilicue” – Goddess of the stars and moon and also known as the lady with the serpent skirt, has glazed the front and back cover of Mystica Magazine Issue 5 .

Now that is a great start for my New year!

Creating the Aztec Goddesses using my interpretation with my art is always a challenging one but I thrive on challenges:0)

All props and headpieces and created with many many many hours of love….

Photographer/Post Sergio Villasenor @ Smoking Mirror Photography

Models Anousheh ( Lady of the Dead)

Model Denise Kayan ( Lady with the Serpent Skirt)